Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jazzfest Plans for Saturday

I will be making an appearance at Jazzfest this Saturday (April 29th), next Saturday (May 6th), and Sunday (May 7th). I always try and put together a good plan about all the acts I definitely want to see each day. These things are never set in stone and always change, but for this weekend:

April 29th, 2006 -- see MY CUBES for list of acts

8:00am (maybe)
Leave Baton Rouge between 8 and 9 in the morning, depending on the time stop and eat a big breakfast consisting of grits, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and coffee at Kelly’s Bakery in Gonzales. Hopefully arrive in New Orleans between 10 and 11, find a parking spot, head towards the fairgrounds.

11:00 – 11:30
Enter the fairgrounds, find a spot in the Congo Square area not too close to the stage but near the marketplace booths, throw down a blanket, chill.

11:30 - 1:30ish
Relax, maybe take a nap, enjoy the music on the Congo Square stage, attempt to locate various friends, maybe grab a bite to eat and walk around for a while.

Head to Acura stage to check out Galactic for about 25 minutes.

Arrive at gospel tent, enjoy the Lighthouse Gospel Singers.

Stop by Jazz tent for about 20 minutes, hear end of Jhelisa’s Tribute to Nina Simone.

3:40 – 4:15
Chill for a bit, reconnect with friends if possible, grab some eats and a cup of Strawberry Lemonade, depending on how I feel check out The Subdudes at the Acura stage, head back to Congo Square.

Hugh Masekala on Congo Square stage

Head to the SoCo Blues stage and see Etta James…notice no Dave Matthews Band (seen DMB before at Jazzfest, too crowded and too much of a frat boy crowd for me) or Juvenile (5 years and 400 Degreez ago I would have been there with my “Solja Rag”, now I would rather hear Etta).

7:00 – until late
Leave fairgrounds, find some good eats somewhere in the city, at some point head to my friends crib, change and shower, go out in the quarter for awhile.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rock and roll to the beat of the funk fuzz

Don’t know why I chose that A Tribe Called Quest lyric for the title of this post, I guess it just sounds cool, at least to me. It’s been awhile since I’ve hit up this blog thing. Since I posted last:

Gas has gone wild....I almost spent $30 filling up my Honda Civic the other day. That just ain’t right.

Despite more than half of the citizens being displaced New Orleans had some elections....the mayoral run-off should be quit an interesting event.

Got some more clarity on the Grad School issue, I think….

I’m playing softball again, this time on two teams, one Men’s league, the other Co-ed. Our men’s team is really good this year (Praise the Lord), and while the co-ed team hasn’t been as successful on the field we have an enjoyable time when we play and that’s the most important thing....right. Another good thing about the co-ed team, (guy moment coming up here) we have by far the hottest women in the entire league on our team, absolutely by far.

Live After Five
finally re-commenced in downtown Baton Rouge. They had a very impressive Cajun band last Friday. I tried to Cajun dance, it’s not really hard but it ain’t really easy. I would still much rather try Cajun dancing than do that retarded “Laffy Taffy” dance.

On Easter Saturday I joined about 17,000 other people for the Crescent City Classic 10K. It was a pleasant day, kinda humid, a little hot, but still relatively good running weather. The course route was awesome…start at Jackson Square, then to Poydras, back to Rampart around the edge of the French Quarter, then all the way to City Park on Esplanade and a great post-race party in Tad Gormley Stadium. Didn’t run really fast but didn’t really care, I had a great time. Next year I’m thinking I may actually train and try to finish in the top 500 which generally means running about 45 or 46 minutes. That’s not exactly blazing (especially compared to the Kenyans who normally win these things) but still a very decent pace. Physically I’m capable and I’ve run that fast before, whether I’m willing to put in the extra work to get in that type of shape remains unknown.

Extremely overpriced race picture, trust me I may look it but I’m not going that fast…..

Jazzfest starts up this weekend…I’m ready to party.