Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe

(every sports/NBA head is blogging about it, so why shouldn't I?)

I’m tired this morning, was planning on getting a little more rest last night, but I stayed up kinda late watching TV. I watched the beginning of Ghostbusters 2 on Spike (can’t really explain this so I won’t try) but I was really waiting for the 12:40 showing of NBA Fastbreak on ESPN. I generally don’t wait up for it but I had to see the highlight of the year, Kobe scoring 81 points in one game. His performance ranks right up there with the most ridiculous sports performances I have ever seen. Like Kobe or not, call him a rapist or not, blame him or blame Shaq, the man can ball with the best of all time.

I had Kobe on one of my two NBA fantasy basketball teams this season. But I traded him for Dwayne Wade and an un-named generic big man who gives me about 12 and 10 each game with a block or 2. At the time it was not a bad trade and Wade has been fantasy money this year too. I even thought the only way I would regret this trade is if Kobe goes on to average about 40 points a game the rest of the year. Well Kobe in January is scoring about 45 plus points a game. Good news for him, and the guy I traded him to who is in first place now, while I linger around the middle of the pack. Thank God for Gilbert Arenas or my fantasy team would be dead.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

They Spinning N...., They Spinning

Ok I’m not talking about the type of Spinning Chris Rock was referring to in his comedy special Never Scared, I just like that line.

Last Thursday I decided to try a “Spinning” class at the gym. While appreciating the physical benefits of Spinning, I always thought it was kinda cheesy, sitting in a dark room on a bike with some bitchy instructor yelling at you over bad techno music. Why not just go ride a real bike outside or go for a freakin run. Digressing for a sec, I miss my post-track college days when going to ball at the Rec Center 3 or 4 times a week and intramural flag football kept me in more than good enough physical condition (just to clarify ball defined by me as: playing 5 on 5 full court basketball games, first team to 12 wins and stays on the court, no deuce, call your own fouls, all shots are 1’s, no 2’s or 3’s). So I got my friend Evelyn (she had done it a few times before) to come along and I spun. It was actually fun, a good workout, and once I got adjusted to the bike not really that bad. Yeah the music could have been a little better although she did throw some “Golddigger” in the mix. Maybe I can get Straight Bangin to put together a spinning mix, also wondering if I can just burn a CD for the instructor. I’m thinking I could turn the class out, throw in some New Orleans Bounce, a few soul cuts, add some early 90’s rap (thinking Eric B and Rakim, Too Short, Tribe Called Quest, etc) and R&B (Jodeci, Mint Condition). For the near future I’m gonna try and do it each Thursday, so after work today I’ll be spinning, just gotta grab some padded biking shorts…those seats are no joke.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Dr. King Day

This is my favorite Dr. King speech. Every time I hear this speech it gives me chill bumps and almost moves me to tears. What a great man, lived a great life, not rich in worldly goods (many people don’t realized he basically died broke and left his family nothing but his writings) but rich in life and love for all people.

I've Been to the Mountaintop

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Having a Good Time in New Orleans

On Saturday I had the chance to go to New Orleans to have fun for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. I had made 2 previous trips to see the damage which was/is still unbelievable. I don’t want to dwell on that, but the city has a long way to go.

I had an awesome time and much of the credit goes to Kat, Lauren, and Thumper (real name Lauren). Initially I planned to go with this girl I was kinda dating, but since that wasn’t happening anymore hanging out with 3 attractive and fun women is never a bad choice. We went to a block party in the arts district area of the warehouse district. Three highlights of the evening:

I had some of the best gumbo ever, it was just amazing.

While hanging out at Lucy’s on St. Peters we met Mark, a contractor from Virginia, a Harley man, and a huge Washington Redskins fan. We got him to try out some Abita beer and he bought some rounds of Patron for us. Needless to say everyone was in a good mood.

Rebirth Brass Band, if you never, ever, ever get to hear any other band from New Orleans, you have to experience some Rebirth. Jazzy, soulful, funky, swingy, its all that and more. If you don’t wanna dance when you hear Rebirth, you just ain’t got it (yes that is me in the brown jacket).

Also I need mention this. Our little group moved towards the front of the crowd at the CAC to get a better view for Rebirth. I asked this woman standing behind us to take a picture of me and the ladies with my camera. For some unknown reason she snapped a picture of her and her friend first, testing it out I guess. Anyway she finally got a crappy picture of us. Before I reached to the get the camera back another girl with them told me “you need to go talk to my friend (the girl who took the picture, dark hair in the picture below), she likes EXOTIC guys.”

I’ve been called a lot things by women in my life, but I don’t recall exotic. I didn’t ask her why; I just took it as a compliment from a clueless white chick. Besides at least she didn’t do this; at my friends wedding reception 2 weeks ago some girl supposedly said to me, “You’re the whitest black guy I’ve ever seen.” I didn’t actually hear the girl say it, or even really remember this girl. I guess that is probably good thing since I would have said something to her and she would have got all mad (not that I’ve ever done that to a white person who attempts to make not funny racial commentary at my expense). Anyhow I had a good time at the reception and did other white boy stuff like the line dance to Footloose and sing “Call Me By My Name” by David Allen Coe with my buddies.

Anyway I did talk to exotic-men-liking-girl for a few minutes, then I left to go dance and enjoy some Rebirth. It was a great night, Exotic Brother Man here, I’m out.

Monday, January 09, 2006

More "One-Pete"

I'll let it go soon, but I gotta have some fun after 2 years plus of the USC - media lovefest.

Hope For Tomorrow

Writing about football again.....My 2006 Louisiana Saints (gotta start clarifying the year now, just in case they move) have the 2nd pick in the 2006 NFL draft. Despite my most positive proclamations for next season there is not one player available in the draft that the currently head coachless Saints could select that would help them end their season at the Super Bowl in 2007 (well short of a hybrid Lawrence Taylor/Barry Sanders/Ronnie Lott/John Elway combo guy with the ability to play QB, RB, LB, and SS at the same time). Maybe the smart move would be to trade down in the drafts for additional picks, with good front office personnel this is never a bad strategy. But with the Saints front office.....all I can hope for is not to screw up. So if Reggie Bush goes No. 1 as expected, right now it looks like No. 2 will be former USC QB Matt Leinart or former Texas QB Vince Young.

Me, I would take Young, no offense to Leinart. I just like what Young brings to table, good arm, amazingly mobile, a big play guy waiting to happen. Can he do it in the NFL; I’m not sure but I’m willing to give him a shot. My favorite Young characteristic, he is a great leader, you can tell his teammates would kill themselves for this guy. I always supported current Saints QB Aaron Brooks, himself a QB with very prodigious football talents. But Brooks was never a team leader, never that guy who could take charge and lead the team through the good and bad. I believe and hope Vince Young can be that guy. Believe and hope, just like the city of New Orleans itself, you gotta start somewhere.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why USC Never Could "Three-Pete"

Great game Texas; Vince Young, go pro, my Saints need you with the number two pick in the draft. This is for you, Pete Carrol.