Thursday, June 28, 2007

Supreme Court Blues ... i.e. "diversity ain't cool"

Obviously I don't agree with the decision but I won't comment further on the case because I need to find out more information. But I don't have the blues b/c of the case, this quote from the brother you love to hate is what gave me the blues today:

And [Justice Clarence] Thomas said, "Simply putting students together under the same roof does not necessarily mean that the students will learn together or even interact. Furthermore, it is unclear whether increased interracial contact improves racial attitudes and relations."

What does improve racial attitudes and relations, maybe watching enough "reality tv"? This just makes me feel sad.

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The Underdog said...

I don't wish bad things upon many people. Just the special ones. Thomas is special in more ways than I'd like to imagine.

I knoiw there are Black consevatives. I get it. I understand wanting people to help themselves and all. But how does one man seem to always jump the line past being a conservative to almost being that of a bigot or racist. To make a statement saying it's unclear if increased interracial contact improves racial attitudes is totally illogical. How does black male from podunk southern town USA (forgot where he is from) who was raised by black people during the Civil Rights era married a white woman, is the only black judge amongst all whites in the Supreme Ct. and lives in this white world say something like that? He is the quentisential benefactor of racial understandings. Unless Thomas came out of the womb with a silver spoon stuck up his ass or something. You mean to tell me his days in Washington dealing with other races have not given him a better understanding of white folks in general. How they were brought up? What they know? How they are different than minorities? What they like and dislike? How can you be a black person in that world and not see improved racial relations? I see whites, blacks, hispanics, and other minorirtes kicking it everyday. Something that would not have been though of about 40 years ago or so. Many people have worked so hard to get to this point of racial unification. We have a long way to go but we've come very far. To say what he said flies in the face of all those people and is totally ludacris (totally can't spell that word anymore... Thanks Luda).

Or maybe it is Thomas's lack of interracial contact that is the basis of his unimproved racial attitudes.

I just wish sometimes he'd go away...but only after a democrat is in office. Then maybe the courts won't be so one sided.