Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Case of Corey Maye

First, I made a few changes to the blog. I changed the color of some of the headings; I just chose a random HTML color code I though looked ok, now I got some inadvertent LSU purple and gold action going. I also added a few links included one for “The Boondocks”, my new favorite TV show, and one for a blog, “The Agitator”.

Speaking of, I sent this to a few people by email, wanted to post it up here also:

I hope some of you are familiar with this case, I was not until yesterday. I can't even describe how reading this makes me feel. I don't know all the details, just what I read here, but from what I gather this man, Corey Maye, is on death row for defending his home. Like Nathan McCall wrote, "Makes You Wanna Hollar".

The Agitator has many updates on his case right now.

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