Monday, February 13, 2006

I Wish I Were Less Busy

I will be back blogging soon, but work and school stuff (yes I said school, I'll explain later stuff) is gonna keep me away from wasting time on the internet till sometime next week. I hope all my East Coast friends are doing ok, that looked like a pretty crazy storm, well at least it did on TV, don't get much snow here so it can be hard to tell.

Of course if I wanted to yell and scream I could write about this .... Report: Katrina response a 'failure of leadership' .... but I knew this s... back in September. I wonder how the folks on the hill gonna play this one.

Just to leave on a bit of good news about New Orleans:

It's Carnival Time

Jazzfest 2006 is on, can't wait.

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dointhemedance said...

mmmmm. . . . king cake