Thursday, March 16, 2006

Favorite Days of the Year

This is one of my favorite days of the year, you get 12 hours of college baksetball in one day, win or go home. I've actually taken off this Thursday the past 3 years, but today I gotta suck it up and work, poor me. Since I'm not busy at the moment and I need to waste some time till 11 when the games start (one perk of my job, I can watch TV while sitting at my desk) I decided to make a list of other days I really enjoy each year.

Fourth of July -- Always a good family bbq day.
The Day of LSU's First Home Football Game
Dr. Martin Luther King Federal Holiday -- May not really mean much to a lot people anymore but it does to me
Jazzfest Weekends -- best music day(s) of the year for me
Beginning of the NCAA Basketball Tourney -- Today
New Year's Day -- Eating and college football galore, although not quite as cool since the BCS started
Christmas -- since its not really Jesus's birthday I'll go with good food and family

I know there are a few more but that's a pretty good list for now.

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whoiam said...

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