Saturday, March 11, 2006

Running Tales

Most of the time I like running, sprints and middle distance preferred. Today I ran a 5K Breast Cancer fundraiser with probably two thousand people running/walking. I was determined to run well, as a freshman in college I could do these things in less than 20 minutes. Today I ran nowhere near 20 minutes, my first mile was decent but when you add 2 minutes on the next mile and 2 additional minutes on the third mile, something just ain’t right. Thursday evening I biked for about 2 hours, at least a third of it into a 10-15 mph headwind. My legs didn’t really like that, and they let me know it about a half mile into the race today. I thought I would be ok since I wasn’t too sore Friday. Well I was wrong, the last half of the race was run (well actually jogged) in significant pain which I expect will last for the next few days. I only recall feeling worse twice during a race.

My junior year in high school I ran a 500 (on 200 meter track, 2 turn stagger) indoors at a McNeese State University meet. 400 meters into the race I was in 3rd place in my heat behind some guy and one of my teammates. At that point my teammate started to stumble and he fell right in front of me. Being only 2 steps behind him and sprinting (in theory) there was not enough time to run around him. So I took one more step, hurdled my fallen teammate, walked down the other guy, won the heat and basked in my glory. Anyway since coach didn’t have me on the mile relay after my race I walked across campus to McDonalds with a few teammates to grab some food. After I came back to the arena 45 minutes later snacking on my burger my coach walked up to me and casually told me I was running on the mile relay in 15 minutes, replacing my teammate who fell earlier. I actually ran a pretty good split, but my stomach was killing me the last 150 meters of my leg. I barely found a bathroom in time, it was rough.

In college one year I ran a 5K, the Corporate Cup. I was actually running with my dad for his company’s team. At the time I was taking a sabbatical from running and focusing on partying. I ran the race completely dehydrated with only 3 hours of sleep after going out the previous night. I ran about 24 minutes, actually pretty decent considering, but about halfway through the race I began to crash. Not sure how I even finished, the rest of that morning and afternoon was spent alternately between my bed and bathroom.

Thankfully today didn’t quite approach those levels of torture. And despite my pain it was a good time, thank you Lauren (who completely smoked me), Lisa, and Jesse for coming out and running. Now just gotta get ready for next weekend and the big Adventure Race.


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