Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On Homers, Ken Griffey and Talking Heads

Admitidly I'm not a huge baseball guy. I watch it every now and again. I've become more of a fan since I've moved to baseball towns (Kansas City and now Atlanta). So I watched a bit of the Home Run Derby Monday night and some of the All Star Game last night. Here are my thoughts:

Home Run Derby: Gets pretty monotonous after the first 30 minutes of a 3 hour competition that should really only last about an hour or so. Vlad Guerrero was awesome, but by the end of the Finals it's always a let down. The other guy Reyes jusrt ran out of gas. Plus ESPN showing Vlad's boys as much as they show Eva Longorio at a Spurs game wasn't cool at least Eva's cuter. They need to do something about that.

Griffey: Really glad to see Griffey playing well again. I don't care what anyone says. He's my all-time favorite baseball player and probably would have been the best to play this game if not for bad luck and awful Reds teams.

Talking Heads: I don't like Joe Buck in the first place. I think he's full of himself and seems to bring his personal feelings into his commentary too much. But he was ok last night. I just wish that for one night they would have remained silent on steroids. We get it. Steroids were a big part of the late 90's and early 00's. We understand Bonds might have used along with tons of other guys. There was no need to rehash an already overplayed story. Let the All-Star game be about the players and leave the Roids out of it.

Just my Thoughts.


headliner said...

I didn't catch the derby, but I did watch parts of the actual game. For some reason it just doesn't have the same buzz, at least for me anymore.

Definitely glad Griffy is back playing well (i.e. finally healthy). Vlad has a cannon. Glad to see Bonds get cheered, he is still having a pretty nice season despite begin old. Never really liked Joe Buck. Thats about all I got on baseball for now, bring me some college football.

headliner said...

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