Monday, July 11, 2005

"Being" Ghetto

I recently watched the reality Being Bobby Brown on Bravo. After watching Bobby and Whitney's antics on TV, i truly realize they are deserving of each other. Maybe it's acting on TV, maybe it's real, I'm not sure, but those two are a match made in the ghetto. I was very surprised at the way Whitney was acting. I realized she's just as ghetto as Bobby. Plus she's rail then and sort of unattractive. Those two were just cutting up. At dinner, they ordered the entire menu it seems like. Bobby asked her if he could "impregnate her tonight" and Whitney replied, "you've been doing that every night," or something like that. This is over dinner. A preview of the next show showed them arguing and Bobby talking about being drunk or something. This show does nothing to positively depict black folks at all. It shows that our well to do folks are just as stereotypically bad as our poorer folks are portrayed. I know the purpose of reality TV isn't to fight for the cause of the race or anything, but "Being BB" is a step in the wrong direction. Of all people, why Bobby Brown. He's trying to get his career back? Whiney's career? This isn't going to help. Showing how they flaunt her wealth isn't cool to me. There's enough reality shows with rich white folks doing that. I don't need to see our reckless abuse of money.

I've only watched one episode, but hopefully I won't have the time or "good fortune" to watch another. The above article talks about another episode where Bobby spends time in jail. Pretty good.


Jess said...

I havent seen it, I bet its funny to watch two people at the 'end ' of their career.

The Underdog said...

You're right about that one Jess. The bad part is, Whitney had so much talent left in the tank. Could've been another Aretha Franklin or Patti Labelle. Now she should just be in a "This is your career on crack" commercial.

headliner said...

I would say I would try and watch it, but I probably won't. I don't even know what to say, maybe this, having a lot of money or fame won't make you a better person. It can get you a reality TV show apparently. I've been trying to think of something to say about them for 5 minutes but I can't.