Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Shoe Stories

First, this past Friday was a blast, Saturday hurted. If you don't know i'll leave it at that. I went to the store to buy some new running shoes, generally most people need new ones when you can see some of your sock through the toes of the shoe. I kinda figured it was that time. So I brought some New Balance running shoes. I been buying NB shoes for probably 12 years now. I always thought they made the best running shoes. But now since they've gone big time and alot of people buy their shoes for fashion instead of just exercise i'm not so sure they still make the best running shoes. But i'm partially a creature of habit so just got another pair. Of course then I happened to see these dress shoes I wanted for some reason. I rarely splurge on shoes but I decided to get a pair of Stacy Adams. You know so I can look fly next time I'm in the club. Yeah sure. Anyway here are the shoes I brought. Good useless info to share right now.



The Underdog said...

Come on now headliner, i know you not trying to wear those to the club. You get em scuffed up and somebody's gettin shot. Forget Nike's. Somebody would definitely have to go if they scuffed those up.

headliner said...

LOL, man your right. I would be ready to bug out on someone if they messed up my new shoes. I’m just gonna wear them to church for a few months, should be cool by then.

Lizy said...

Yes you are rite..these days many people wear shoes for fashion not for excercises.I dont think these days we get comfort shoes for excercises.