Monday, July 18, 2005

Eyes On The Prize

I’m sure most people have at least seen one part of this amazing series, if not, they should. Apparently it is really hard to get a hold of which is a shame. I’ve found some info, but I would like to buy the whole series, especially if it comes out on DVD.

I’ve said when I have kids once they get old enough I would sit down with them every few years and watch the whole series. Just a reminder of how far America has come and how far we still have left to go. So even though it won’t be anytime soon, if you wanna get me a good wedding gift grab this series for me, hopefully it will out on DVD by then (wait we're talking about me, it will be, or even on the next generation of media).


Christopher Trottier said...

Thanks for exposing me to that series. I would have never known about it if you hadn't posted it here.

The Underdog said...

Eyes on the Prize is a series that should be shown throughout our schools in America. I think it would give a lot of people a different perspective on Blacks in America. I agree with Headliner. Excellent series. And i think it'll be out on hologram by the time you get married. We still need to finish our conversation.

headliner said...

Chris, thanks, I check out your poetry blog, it was really good.
TU, hologram huh, I like that, it would be even more funny if you probably weren't right. Yeah, when I get a chance we do need to finish that conversation.