Thursday, January 19, 2006

They Spinning N...., They Spinning

Ok I’m not talking about the type of Spinning Chris Rock was referring to in his comedy special Never Scared, I just like that line.

Last Thursday I decided to try a “Spinning” class at the gym. While appreciating the physical benefits of Spinning, I always thought it was kinda cheesy, sitting in a dark room on a bike with some bitchy instructor yelling at you over bad techno music. Why not just go ride a real bike outside or go for a freakin run. Digressing for a sec, I miss my post-track college days when going to ball at the Rec Center 3 or 4 times a week and intramural flag football kept me in more than good enough physical condition (just to clarify ball defined by me as: playing 5 on 5 full court basketball games, first team to 12 wins and stays on the court, no deuce, call your own fouls, all shots are 1’s, no 2’s or 3’s). So I got my friend Evelyn (she had done it a few times before) to come along and I spun. It was actually fun, a good workout, and once I got adjusted to the bike not really that bad. Yeah the music could have been a little better although she did throw some “Golddigger” in the mix. Maybe I can get Straight Bangin to put together a spinning mix, also wondering if I can just burn a CD for the instructor. I’m thinking I could turn the class out, throw in some New Orleans Bounce, a few soul cuts, add some early 90’s rap (thinking Eric B and Rakim, Too Short, Tribe Called Quest, etc) and R&B (Jodeci, Mint Condition). For the near future I’m gonna try and do it each Thursday, so after work today I’ll be spinning, just gotta grab some padded biking shorts…those seats are no joke.

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