Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe

(every sports/NBA head is blogging about it, so why shouldn't I?)

I’m tired this morning, was planning on getting a little more rest last night, but I stayed up kinda late watching TV. I watched the beginning of Ghostbusters 2 on Spike (can’t really explain this so I won’t try) but I was really waiting for the 12:40 showing of NBA Fastbreak on ESPN. I generally don’t wait up for it but I had to see the highlight of the year, Kobe scoring 81 points in one game. His performance ranks right up there with the most ridiculous sports performances I have ever seen. Like Kobe or not, call him a rapist or not, blame him or blame Shaq, the man can ball with the best of all time.

I had Kobe on one of my two NBA fantasy basketball teams this season. But I traded him for Dwayne Wade and an un-named generic big man who gives me about 12 and 10 each game with a block or 2. At the time it was not a bad trade and Wade has been fantasy money this year too. I even thought the only way I would regret this trade is if Kobe goes on to average about 40 points a game the rest of the year. Well Kobe in January is scoring about 45 plus points a game. Good news for him, and the guy I traded him to who is in first place now, while I linger around the middle of the pack. Thank God for Gilbert Arenas or my fantasy team would be dead.

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