Monday, January 09, 2006

Hope For Tomorrow

Writing about football again.....My 2006 Louisiana Saints (gotta start clarifying the year now, just in case they move) have the 2nd pick in the 2006 NFL draft. Despite my most positive proclamations for next season there is not one player available in the draft that the currently head coachless Saints could select that would help them end their season at the Super Bowl in 2007 (well short of a hybrid Lawrence Taylor/Barry Sanders/Ronnie Lott/John Elway combo guy with the ability to play QB, RB, LB, and SS at the same time). Maybe the smart move would be to trade down in the drafts for additional picks, with good front office personnel this is never a bad strategy. But with the Saints front office.....all I can hope for is not to screw up. So if Reggie Bush goes No. 1 as expected, right now it looks like No. 2 will be former USC QB Matt Leinart or former Texas QB Vince Young.

Me, I would take Young, no offense to Leinart. I just like what Young brings to table, good arm, amazingly mobile, a big play guy waiting to happen. Can he do it in the NFL; I’m not sure but I’m willing to give him a shot. My favorite Young characteristic, he is a great leader, you can tell his teammates would kill themselves for this guy. I always supported current Saints QB Aaron Brooks, himself a QB with very prodigious football talents. But Brooks was never a team leader, never that guy who could take charge and lead the team through the good and bad. I believe and hope Vince Young can be that guy. Believe and hope, just like the city of New Orleans itself, you gotta start somewhere.


Joey said...

I like Young as a player, but I am not sold on him as an NFL passer. His mechanics worry me.

headliner said...

I genreally agree with that assesment. But as a Saints fan I just want something to be excited about. Could Young be bust in the NFL, hell yeah, but if he is successful he has the potential to define the position of QB.

The Underdog said...

Everyone's worried about Young's mechanics. i worry that trying to change his arm mechanics will hurt him in the long run. Plus, I hope he drops and gets picked up by Tennessee. He's already cool with McNair and will be able to learn from another running QB. He'll just waste away with the Saints.