Monday, June 06, 2005

Krispy Kreme

This is for you LSU people. Last night I was over on Siegen Lane getting some good but probably unhealthy food from Whataburger when I noticed the relatively new Krispy Kreme across the street. I think from midnight till 6 am you can buy one dozen and get another dozen donuts free. Sounds like a good deal. But…..

Does anyone remember when there was only one Krispy Kreme in town, the one in the ghetto? Well it wasn’t actually in the ghetto, but it was over in that general area. Basically it was located in the type of place where if you were not from around there you really shouldn’t be out there late at night. One night down the road you might have seen a couple of junkies, some prostitutes, a few deals going down, but getting hot Krispy Kreme donuts late at night made up for any perceived or actual risk for many students (at least some of the ones I knew). At least once a semester I would get the urge and find someone to roll out to Plank Rd. with me. I remember once while working summer orientation we had probably seven people going out one night about 1 AM in either my old 86 blue Buick Century or KP’s old vehicle (a 88 Ford Taurus or something). But now I would imagine a late night Krispy Kreme run isn’t nearly the adventure it once was although the new one is just as far from campus as the old one. You can see the new one from the interstate and it is located by a well lit shopping center on a major thoroughfare. But I know if someone would happen to ask me where to go get some fresh Krispy Kreme, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to send them out to Plank Rd.

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The Underdog said...

I feel you on that one. I remember one night during Freshman Orientation in 2000, one of the the alarms went off in Laville. All the kids and staff got up to see what was up. Me Adam Hamilton and B. Singleton and all got up bats and went running around looking for trouble. After that, we all, and i think Cajun was there too, went out for Krispy Kreme. We went to the hood, but it was all good at the K Squared. Those gotta be the best donuts ever. Of course they're going to put it out on Siegen. Can't have the folks going into the hood. It's "scary" down there.