Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Top Gun Challenge

I have a new goal for the summer, to go undefeated playing darts on Top Gun Challenge. Normally we’ll play Cricket. I was undefeated until last Monday, but I was upset by Matt. Well not only did I lose to Ceasar in tennis on Monday, still trying to figure that out, but then while playing teams Tuesday night Jeremy and Ceasar whipped me and Matt (Sonja and Samantha were 3rd, they did pretty well when they actually hit the board). And of course they were talking s..t (like I would ever do that when I win). Even Sonja got in her cracks (I’m still mad about that spades game at FAOP in 1999 when she and Coco got lucky), she is too cool to compete against, I can never rattle her. I do have one secret weapon I can use against her, a certain female name that begins with a Br…., but I won’t go there. I did rebound to win a game of 501 (including a monster 3 bullseye round) against Ceaser, Jeremy, and Alan. Now I need to go undefeated the rest of the summer.

And I need to get one of these machines. dargalaxytopgun.html We were talking about how much fun it would be for tailgating (less than 3 months away). If I find one cheap on ebay or something, its mine. In fact I haven’t played my Playstation 2 in months, I’ll trade it to anyone for a working Top Gun Challenge dart machine. Of course I could also spend $30 and buy a regular dart board and chalk board to keep score manually, you would think after sitting through 17 hours of Calculus and Differential Equations dart math would be pretty simple. But the machine has sound and flashy stuff. I wonder if you could program different sounds effects, oh the possibilities.

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The Underdog said...

I guess you must be hardcore into darts now. I'd probably go for the Popeye arcade game myself. You can't let Cesar beat you in anything. I'm sure he's talking a lot of sh!t. Get a win for me.