Friday, June 10, 2005

More Tyson

Not to turn this into a Tyson forum, but here is a really good article (albeit by a sports writer I do not care for at all) about Tyson.

“No, it's not Tyson's fault that he came along at a time when teenage athletes started realizing that even football is safer than boxing. No, it isn't his fault that he hasn't had much competition, or that the heavyweight division remains so weak and boring that he's still by far its biggest draw.

But after a pudgy and lazy Tyson suffered a 10th-round shock-out by somebody named Buster Douglas in 1990, and then did his prison stint, he lost his rage to win, and gradually realized he was more entertainer than fighter.”

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The Underdog said...

How'd i guess it was skip bayless. not a huge fan of his either.