Thursday, June 16, 2005

Random Thoughts

Today was devastatingly hot. It had to be the hottest day of the summer so far. I played tennis on the purple and gold courts at the Rec Center this morning before work with CR about 9:30 am or so, we only played an hour but it was brutal. We hit around, then played one set, I won 6-3, although my stats probably looked something like this; Aces – 3, Double Faults – 1, Winners – 6 or 7, Unforced Errors – 132. But the errors weren’t all my fault, my opponent didn’t hit a lot of winners, but he was able to run down just about every shot I hit no matter how good, it must have been his Honduran footballer (soccer for the unrefined) skills coming out. Of course after the 3rd time this would happen on each point I would invariably launch a forehand that was out by about 10 feet. I like tennis, its pretty low impact (as opposed to basketball, football, or ultimate fighting championship) but you can still get a good workout. I’m not very good but I’m getting better.

I know most people don’t follow track unless its Olympic time or new headlines come out about BALCO grand jury testimony that athletes are sticking big needles in their butts to run faster, but if you didn’t hear, Asafa Powell from Jamaica ran the 100M dash in 9.77 seconds, a new world record. Here is a link to the race - In case you’re not sure that’s pretty fast. And it’s good for the sport. On the same note LSU’s 4x400M relay won the NCAA title and set and college record – 2:59.59. The anchor leg, Xavier Carter, a freshman, ran a 44.0 split. In case you’re not sure again that’s pretty fast. A reply of the meet will be on TV this Saturday (6/18) on CBS at 1:30 pm CST.

If you’re gonna be in New Orleans this weekend go check this out: I have it on record from my sources that this show will be very entertaining. If I can fit it in the schedule I’ll go.

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