Friday, August 12, 2005

Hustle and Flow

I had Thursday afternoon off, I went to lunch with an old college buddy, then went to CC’s to drink some coffee, and then I decided to head to the movies to catch a matinee by myself. First, whatever happened to the days when you could take $5 to the movies, get a ticket and a candy bar (or stop by Wendy’s before and get Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger to sneak in, not saying I ever did that.) The movie was nearly $6, and they wonder why Hollywood folks complain about people not going to the movies as much. Now I don’t actually think price is the main issue, the product generally hasn’t been that good lately. Stop doing crappy remakes of old movies, tired and clichéd sequels, and remakes of old TV shows and people may go out to the movie more. Said my peace on that.

Back to topic, I watched Hustle and Flow yesterday. It was actually pretty good. I gotta give Terrance Howard (DJay) a shout out, he did a good job. His character was smart, articulate, and thoughtful, though if given a professional title he would be called a drug-dealing pimp. Needless to say he was not a saint, but I did manage to feel for his character at times. And although the movie was driven by DJay the women in the movie played very integral parts, in fact his rap dreams coming true depended as much on his ho’s as it did his ability to spit lyrics. The way the movie unfolded really kept me interested in all of the characters and their interactions with each other.

Two things I really dug, One, I loved the scenery in the movie. It just felt authentic to me, especially the scenes driving through the hood and the shotgun houses. Two, I also really dug the music, not really the rap but the more the blues and r&b mixed in during many scenes. Overall it was a very good flick, I enjoyed it.


Michele's Mumblings said...

You pay to see movies? The Carmike chain here let's me in for free. You just get in a wheelchair and get somebody to push you and you both get in free! Oh first you have to crash a motorbike or something and get like paralyzed and all but it's worth it! FREE MOVIES!
That's what it's like in North Myrtle Beach !

Nettie said...

That's a clever idea, sneaking in a cheeseburger. My sister used to work at a theater, so she'd always get me in. I miss that, I haven't been to a movie in ages.