Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday

Gas is really expensive…Makes me love my Civic…Makes me hate my 50 mile round trip commute to work….Makes me appreciate that I don’t have a 150 mile round trip commute like some people I know living elsewhere….Makes me want to live somewhere I don’t have to drive to get to work

Partying with law school students can be fun, especially hot female law students.

It’s almost football season, which is a great thing.

Generally college bars are not my thing anymore. Drunk frat guys, snobby sorority chicks, way too crowded, not any good dance music, not my scene. I’m starting to become more of a piano bar type of person (don’t laugh). Of course I spend all my time in church nowadays.

Why do shot girls have to pin stickers and flashy lights on you? All that can do is get you in trouble with the girlfriend/wife when get home and forget to take it off (especially if you told her you were just going out to eat and grab a beer). And speaking of shots, who invented the Jell-O shot and why? And why did we never see Bill Cosby throw down a few of those in the old Jell-O commercials?

I need to take vacations like the President. I’m not saying he shouldn’t go to his ranch (thats another issue), but I just want to live like that, take weeks off at a time, head to the country, invite all my friends, and just chill out, drinking pink lemonade (yes I do).

"Midnight Train to Georgia" is a great song, and its really fun to sing harmony with Gladys while sitting in the car. However it's not a great karaoke song unless you can really sing and have great range (or being really drunk is a good substitute).

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