Monday, August 15, 2005

Random Ramblings and Barry White

I had a very enjoyable weekend, three things stood out, 1) the excruciating 35 minutes pool game with Kat, Rachel, and Tamara and Mike (yes we had 5 people playing at one point), 2) Saturday night at Slinky’s and my new hat (speaking of, Brandon, I know your gonna read this, do you still have your red Wild Turkey hat from Mike’s birthday down in N.O. that night, I think everyone else has lost theirs), and also the following. I was listening to KBRH Saturday afternoon, one of the two radio stations that is run by my old high school. The format is generally jazz, but on Saturday they have different theme shows, the show which I was listening to at the time featured music from the 60’s and 70’s, mainly soul, R&B, and pop. The DJ’s were playing some songs from 1975, that’s a little before my time but I was digging it. I digress for a sec, I went out with this girl, I guess it’s been awhile ago now, at some point we started talking about music. We talked for awhile, and then later went out dancing and other stuff. We had someone similar musical taste, at one point she told me she thought I had the soul of someone from the 70’s. She meant it as a compliment although I would consider myself more of a 80’s and 90’s hip-hop head, but I love to hear music from my parents generations which would included the 1960’s and 1970’s. Ok, back on point now. Just as I’m driving into the parking lot at the gym they played a song by the late Barry White, “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything.” It must have been mood I was in, I just let go for few minutes. I parked, rolled down the window, and started singing harmony with Barry. Two girls and this older man walked by and happened to see me singing. I didn’t care, I mean I know I can’t blow like Barry, and I didn’t know a few of the words, but it was refreshing, relaxing, rehabilitating. That song put me in good mood all day. I believe that is the power of good music, and singing along to good music. I had an email discussion with a friend talking about karaoke last week, I’m gonna list my favorite karaoke songs at some later date.


The Underdog said...

Can't no one blow like Barry blew. Good song, wish we had some balladeers like in the old days. And by the way, I never got a hat that night. I went off somewhere else and met ya'll at this bar. Ya'll had the hats by then.

headliner said...

I didn't realize you didn't grab a hat that night. No loss really, that was a good night though.
Yeah man, can't beat Barry.