Friday, November 04, 2005

Softball, Ribs, and Saints

This is a picture (Little League Style with the bats crossed in front) of the great diamond warriors know as Second String. We played with only 8 players last night which in slow pitch softball is generally not a good recipe for winning games, but we probably had our best hitting game of the year. And everyone had a good time, actually looking forward to playing next week. Thankfully I’m getting over the injury bug, I hope.

The beginnings of some good eats for Saturday. Give em a day a half to marinate, by Saturday should be good and tender. Last real tailgate of the year, should be good times for all.

And last, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is a punk (read here) In fact he has probably passed up Dick Cheney, Tom Delay, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter (work with me here) as the old white guy I dislike the most. I would and could say more, but I’ll just leave it at that, and this picture taken outside Tiger Stadium. More news from the alma mater, maybe not racist, but definitely not funny. (read here)

And, "Boondocks", definitely funny, premiere this weekend. (read here)

Have a good weekend, I will.

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