Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Still My Team

Just to say it, the ribs from Saturday were amazing.

I think I’m catching a cold; apparently that is what watching the New Orleans/Baton Rouge/San Antonio Saints in person can do to you. And Tom Benson still sucks.

I missed the Miami-Nick Saban return game last week, but I did make it out to see the Saints lose to the Chicago Bears. Despite the small crowd I had a good time, and got to see a really good halftime performance by Southern University’s famed marching band, The Human Jukebox.

Someone asked me how it felt to watch the Saints play in Tiger Stadium. It felt like watching football. But one thing was different, at LSU games 95% + of the crowd is composed of white folks. Not saying anything is wrong with this, most of LSU’s alumni are white, which means most of the season ticket holders will be white. And though black students attend games on the same, if not better percentage than white students, from what I see I would have to image a very small percentage of LSU’s black alumni become season ticket holders after college (including myself, and I tailgate for almost every game and until this year attended most). Saints games in the Superdome always drew a very diverse crowd, a lot due to the demographics of the city I’m sure. Generally at Saints games the crowd is 30-40% black folks, maybe even higher, as was the crowd in Tiger Stadium Sunday. Again I’m not complaining about LSU’s crowd, LSU could fill the stadium with delegates from the National Redneck Convention and I probably wouldn’t mind if LSU beat everyone they played by 30, but it was good to see some black folks in the good seats in Tiger Stadium.

Other stuff, when I walked up to the tailgating spot Sunday one of the guys brought a Nintendo out and we were playing Mike Tyson’s Punchout. We remembered to code to get to Tyson, but no one there could beat him. I couldn’t even make one round. I think when I was 12 I beat the game once. Anyway we decided to have a little fun and we made the following sign (notice the fine print). Even had two challengers, but alas, they both fell short.

More game pics

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