Tuesday, November 29, 2005

View From The Roof

I mean to write more on this blog thing, but just haven’t quite found the time or motivation lately. I should just write down things that pop in my head so I can expound on them here, I may get to that at some point. I guess I could just write about random things.

On a political tip I could write about the Bush war in Iraq, or about the stumbling and bumbling of this administration, or about the trifling response to the hurricanes down here on both the state and federal level.

In sports I could write about the bull…. that is the BCS, Southern getting killed by a 458lb quarterback in the Bayou Classic, my Saints finally winning a game, LSU winning the SEC West and hopefully the conference championship game in the ATL this weekend, or even my two disparate performance so far in the NBA fantasy leagues I am in (first and almost last).

I could write about the fun I’ve had the past few months getting to see a lot of friends and making some new ones. I could also mention how much I enjoyed Thanksgiving and how valuable those moments are I was able to spend that day with my family (not counting the two hour and half naps I took).

I could also mention how this past Friday I woke up at 6:30 to tailgate, then maybe 3 hours after the game somehow I ended up on the roof of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center with some friends. We had an absolutely great time, that is until LSUPD found us, and they were not nearly as amused. So after a little small talk while they called in our info, the cops told the old, graduated, ones among us we were banned from campus. Now before I could launch into my “…..all the money I’ve given this school, all the sporting events I’ve paid for (wait, a lot of those I went to free), all of the student organizations I was involved in and the service I’ve put in helping the university, not to mention my degree(s), I’m even in one of the recruiting videos LSU produced, and you wanna tell me I can’t ……” diatribe one of the 10 LSUPD officers present said we could be on campus as long as we had a legitimate reason, like class, attending an event, meeting someone, etc. However late night explorations of closed campus buildings are over. I guess I can live with that.

And last I could write about the Roger Federer level a..whooping Chris put on me in tennis last night at the LSU Rec Center. But I’m just gonna pretend that never happened.

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