Friday, November 11, 2005

Softball Update

Right now I’m sitting here at work drinking tons of water and trying to overmedicate myself with anything from the medicine cabinet that looks like it could remotely help with a cold. On top of that I’m kinda sore, sliding into bases and diving for balls was easy as a kid, now it sucks. But on the bright side, Second String softball club, still down a player, pulled out the win last night, overcoming an 18-6 deficit in the top of final inning to take a 19-18 lead, then keeping the other team from scoring the game winning run when they had bases loaded and no outs. We then scored 5 runs in the extra inning to win 24-19. Amazing game, we all had a great time. Plus we had a great group of fans out there last night, and the post game trip to Bennigans was fun as well. So if any of the 3.34 people who read this blog doesn’t have plans for next Thursday night about 6:30, drive out across town and come watch us play. I can’t guarantee we’ll always win, but we will definitely be entertaining.

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