Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Addendum to Monday Football Musings - 9/19

Song – Don’t Take It Personal - Monica

“Just one of those days, that a team goes thru…..”, yep thats about it. I really don’t want to discuss the game; basically the Saints just didn’t play well. It happens in the NFL at times. And considering the circumstances the Saints are playing under it will probably happen again this year. However I was getting tired of the NFL shenanigans about this being a Saints home game, who cares if you painted the field or had N.O. musicians play before the game or even if the crowd cheered for the Saints when they came out, it was still a NFL road game for the Saints. Aaron Brooks said it best I think,

“People are making [decisions] and we don't have no say so. We didn't want to come out here. Don't get me wrong. They beat our [butts]. But who the hell in our organization would agree to a home game in New York?....I hope they raised enough money for the city and the evacuees. But don't patronize us though, try to make us feel good. Don't do that. That's all it was about. It was a bigger stage than the Super Bowl damn near. We start that game, 60,000 people rooting for the Giants. Don't get it twisted."

Good stuff Aaron, I’m even gonna let those 3 interceptions and that horrible fumble slide, at least for this week.

Also, the Sunday Night ESPN crew that worked the game is horrible. We’ve all known this for years but I just wanted to state the fact again. Actually there is one exception, I think Suzy Kolber is pretty good and she’s really cute, just ask Joe Nameth.

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The Underdog said...

Saints players are pretty pissed at the "Home" away game on Monday night. Aaro Brooks straight up said don't patronize the team like that. With the approach of Rita, I find it hard to expect anything out of this team right now. They don't even want to play in Baton Rouge. I feel for the boys man, I do. Pretty hard not to just tank the season right now. But it'll get better. If they can be someone near .500 by midseason, we've got a shot. They can catch lightning in a bottle as the cliche goes. Stay strong fellas.
My song: "I've gotta get through this." by Daniel Bettingfield (sp?)