Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Football Musings - 9/19

I was debating whether to wait until Tuesday, but I’ll go for it anyway.

Saints – playing a home game tonight against the New York Football Giants. I’m picking the Saints, because, well I always do.

LSU - off this past week, big home game against the U of Tennessee this week. Should be fun, can’t wait to tailgate. ESPN College Gameday is coming, hopefully this new storm, Rita won’t head this way. I hate to sound selfish and insensitive to those caught in Katrina’s vast matrix of destruction, but I need some LSU football in Tiger Stadium, ASAP.

Southern(game recap) I was going to attend this game, but the combo of having to work all day Saturday and shady weather kept me from making it across town to the yard to catch the game. Besides, they were playing Prairie View, they have not beaten SU in about 30 years, well actually they haven’t beaten a lot of people in a long time. But they are getting better, so they say. Anyway the score was 3-0 at halftime. Now SU did finally win 38-0 and I’m happy they won but I do have 3 concerns: 1) At home you generally should be able to drop more than 3 points in one half on a school like Prairie View, 2) only running for 51 yards on PV isn’t very good, combined with 30 yards last week and the running game has to get better, and 3) Apparently Grambling just got facebook, my cousin out there sent me a message…so when is Southern gonna get hooked up with facebook, ok so its not related to Southern football but I just felt like putting it here. On the good side, sophomore QB J.C. Lewis had a good game.
song: because I've been working my butt off today and I'm freakin tired, same song from last week, come on Jags, "Let's Straighten It Out"

Random Football Notes:
I watched about half of the Florida St.Boston College game. BC showed out well in their first ACC game, I’ll attribute the loss to “growing pains”. This week is gonna be hectic but I may write more about it later. BC right now reminds me a little of LSU’s 1996 and 1997 teams under Dinardo and the 2000 team under Saban.

I don’t like USC, but dayymmee, they put it down on the Razorbacks, dropped 70 on ‘em. 28-0 like three minutes into the game, that’s nasty.

I checked out a little OU-UCLA. OU’s gonna struggle this year. I know he caught a lotta hell for bad championship game performances vs. LSU and USC in consecutive years, but I bet most OU fans would love to have no-knees Jason White back. As far as UCLA, beat USC this year and I’m on the boat. Plus I also rooted for UCLA because their coach is a brother. Is that good or bad? I need to write more on this at some point.

Didn’t get to watch much NFL this week, but gonna try to catch both games tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you spent a portion of your weekend devoted to the Boston College Eagles. We'll get there, just give us some time. :)