Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hurricane Les

First, thanks to Straight Bangin' for the shout out.

No I didn't write this, but I nearly feel out of my non-leather chair at work laughing, and crying.

Hurricane Les continues to strengthen over the LSU campus. This is an extremely dangerous storm. As of 10 amcdt Les has strengthened to a Category 5 and his winds are affecting almost every part of the state. The storm is stationary at this time but is expected to make a northeast turn Saturday morning. Although the storm will be centered over the Starkville the damage will likely be done to Baton Rouge. This hurricane has already destroyed most of what has been built in the last 5 years and horrified 90,000+ that were trapped in Tiger Stadium as the storm strengthened.
To make maters worse Hurricane Les is accompanied by Tropical Storm Bo. The future path of these storms is uncertain at this time. It appears they will continue to cause widespread damage to southern Louisiana. Without a steering current and the fact that neither one of these storms have a clue they could cause widespread destruction for the next 9 weeks. The longterm forecast has the hurricane centered over Nashville in 2 weeks before looping back to Baton Rouge. There is no high in site to get rid of these lows.A tropical depression has also appeared over the LSU campus.......If it becomes a storm the name will be Skip.

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