Thursday, September 01, 2005

Keeping Things In Perspective

Good Afternoon, I feel ok today. Not great, but ok is more than good enough considering the circumstances. First, if anyone around the BR reads this, go to LSU to volunteer at the shelters. From what we are hearing they can use all the help they can get.

Now, I was in a horribly foul mood yesterday. I rarely, rarely ever get this way. But the circumstances were just too much. The disaster scene in New Orleans, working 11 and 12 hours days only taking trouble calls, not having electrical power at home, worrying about friends, it just can pile up. And I was extremely aggravated, I would actually say pissed about the news coverage of events in New Orleans. I know a lot of people are still in the city and there is some crime and looting going on, but those people are only a small minority of the people left in the city. Most are just trying to do whatever they need to do to survive. But the media is scaring people with the images they constantly show. And this suggestion some people chose not to leave so they could loot afterwards, yeah there may have been a few, but most who stayed did so because they had no means of transportation to leave, or they had nowhere to go. There are some serious social and economical paradigms that have been at work over the past 50 years in New Orleans that have to be considered in this situation. Basically what I am saying is most of the people still there are law- abiding citizens, they are just scared and upset because they are trapped. We need to understand this. Now I am in not way justifying shooting at cops or even looting, but these people are trying to stay alive. What would you do in the same situation? Nuff ranting for now.

By the time yesterday afternoon rolled around after 10 hours of work I was worn out. I have two friends I generally email at least once and day and another I exchange IM’s with, but I didn’t even feel like writing these individuals, I was in such a negative mood. About 5:30, I get a call from one of our customers from New Orleans, a woman from Ohio who worked conventions in the city. Apparently the only possessions she was able to bring with her were a purse and cell phone that didn’t work. She was staying with some friends in Baton Rouge who were still out of power and she had not been able to contact her family. I could tell she was about to breakdown, technically I shouldn’t have done this, but I got with my boss, used some top secret stuff :) to find her aunt’s phone number in Ohio. I then called her aunt in Ohio, then put them in a conference call and let them talk. It was the first time that she had any contact with her family since the hurricane. I’m generally not an emotional dude, but they were crying and I started to tear up at first. I didn’t stay in the conference to listen, that may have opened the gates. I know it was only one small thing, but after than all my negativity just washed away. The smile was back. And about 10 minutes later I found out my power was back on. Its amazing how one event can turn a crappy day around. The rest of my evening was much better, went to the gym, worked out for bit, then got on the bike and checked out this one girl with the most amazing legs and another girl that is a promo model for Budweiser (I’m a guy, I should have this liberty every so often, and I know both of them so that helps). Then I went and played tennis with a friend. Lastly went home, with power and AC finally. I’m blessed, still mad about some things and still saddened about the hurricane, but still blessed. Oh, pretty much all of my friends from the N.O. area are safe as are most of their families. I’ll say it one last time, I’m blessed.

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