Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Tennesse 30 - LSU 27

I feel for the fans mostly, but I throw the players in there too. They are the ones who are on the field battling for 60 minutes, although in this case more like 30. But mostly for the fans. Fans that have craved a home football game in Death Valley for weeks now. Fans that lifted there heads from wreckage left by the storms hoping to have their spirits lifted for at least a short time. And they did I guess. For a half, 30 game minutes, about 2 hours real-time, they were on top of the world. Then reality set in. The final 30 minutes were played and people went back home to their dishoveled lifes heartbroken, angry and disappointed. Will victory come again? Yeah, probably next week in Mississippi. But this one will linger. I hope it lingers as a reminder: To the team, you don't want to feel like this again. To the fans, make sure your priorities are straight. There are too many ups and downs in things you cannot control. Make sure your life is good and the pain will only linger for a short while. Until you get something to eat and prepare for bed. Until you watch two episodes of Alias to get over the pain (that's what I did). Until you talk yourself dry until the next game. Disappointment may draw near, but victory will come again.


Anonymous said...
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headliner said...

I may write more later, yes it was very disapointing, even more so watching it in person. But keeping perspective is always key. Besides after the last whistle is blown, in the end it is just a game. Of all football fans, the people of South Louisiana should be able to understand that. So I'm cool, doesn't make the loss any better, but it makes MY day better. Now that being said, folks around here are going nuts, calling for heads.

The Underdog said...

"Calling for heads" huh? That sounds about right for South Louisiana football. Bet I can tell you word for word what they are saying because it's exactely the same thing Cheif fans are saying here. The radio is smoking. The only difference is it's easier to take it here because I'm only a transplant Cheifs fan. Glad I'm not home. Wouldn't turn on the radio until next weekend.