Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Football Musings

I’m gonna try and start doing this each Monday, write a little bit about each of the three football teams I constantly follow and maybe a few other random bits. At the end I’ll put a song that I think about when writing for each team. I my even name this piece of writing if I can think of something snappy.

LSU – first off, I hate watching games like this, they seem to take years off your life. That being said, it was a great win. Now a lot of LSU fans were upset about the game, but I look at it this way, less than a week before the game LSU found out they had to travel 1400 miles for a home game, then they were playing a top 15 team (which I think Arizona St. proved they are) basically on the road, who was actually the favorite. I don’t have the time to look it up but I would imagine when higher ranked teams (LSU was #5) who are underdogs according the line play top 15 teams on the road, the higher ranked team normally loses. Adding into the mix this was LSU’s first game of the season, it was a great win. Yeah the defense got lit up, but I prefer to focus on the positives, really good special teams play, great effort throughout and a really good game by the young QB, Russell.
Song: I Won’t Complain – Rev. Paul Jones

Southern – Almost similar situation to LSU, SU was the better team, but they were playing on the road after their opener was postponed. SU played Mississippi Valley State U., in Itty Bitty, Mississippi, well actually in Itta Bena, Mississippi, but Itta Bena, Mississippi is a very Itty Bitty city in Mississippi, so I call Itta Bena, Mississippi, Itty Bitty, Mississippi. (try saying that sentence 5 times fast). Now I didn’t see the game (ESPN generally doesn’t generally jump to cover black college football) and I missed the replay. I did catch about a quarter on the radio. And like LSU, this was a close game, but the Jags came up short in the end. MVSU’s QB is as Miss St. transfer, very talented, and he had an amazing game. That was the difference; SU couldn’t stop him when it mattered. PS. I’m sure Southern’s band, the “Human Jukebox” showed up, they always bring it.
Song: Let’s Straighten It Out – Kenny Latimore although I think BB King broke it out first

Saints – yep, they did da thang on Sunday. Not only did they win, but they looked going doing it. Deuce ran hard, Aaron was very consistent and he made plays when had too. That’s all I ask, play hard, and make plays when you can. I don’t want to get too high on them yet, I’ve been through this drill before, but they beat a good team (Carolina) on the road. Much love to the Saints. Just keep it up fellas.
Song: They All Ask For You - Meters

Random Thoughts:
-Good job Miami and Nick Saban, although we miss you in the Purple and Gold.
-Texas played a good game in beating Ohio State, but you gotta beat Oklahoma before I get excited.
-Speaking of Ohio State, Big 10 is not looking very good, the 3 best teams in the conference all get beat, all basically playing at home, not good.
-Tamara, your Browns are gonna be ok, just give’em some time. I promise.
-UMichigan, great performance against Notre Dame, keep this up I'm and I 'm gonna jump off the 20 year Maize and Blue bandwagon I've been on.


Magik said...

I dunno about them UT people, I hope they schooled and LSU will rank up to #1 or #2 and we'll show USC who the real school is.

The Underdog said...

Did you write this in word again?

My thoughts are:

LSU: Please play man on defense and blitz. I'm begging you. You will get lit up by passing teams ala FLA and Vandy...Did I just say Vandy. Yes I do fear Vandy this year. They almost beat us at home last year. They'll be tough. Bo Pellini better do better than giving up 400+ passing yards.

SU: ESPN U will start shhowing HBCU games soon. Only one per week but it's a start. The Jaguars will get it together.

Saints. I'm tired of the roller coaster, but happy they won. My fanaticism for the team is wainng a bit. Especially since I see them headed out of New Orleans. By the way, I understand what San Antonio is doing, but it's still wrong. Plus, you don't need another team in Texas. Saints will have a tough one on Monday afternoon (isn't that like a high school game or something. Monday night football starting in the daytime...crazy).

Other thoughts
- Hats off to the Fins and 49ners. The bottom feeders have their days too.
- Cleveland needs to get the ball to Braylon Edwards more.
- Already tired of the Notre Dame bandwagon. Mich laid an egg, that doesn't mean ND is the truth.
- Really tired of the Michael Vick hype. Stop calling him a great quarterback until he puts up great QB numbers. He's a great runner.
- Hey Magik, don't sleep on UT. They're a good team. I'd rather play them than USC. Makes for a better game being neighbors and all.
- I miss BR already. War Tiger Stadium, I'm Out!