Friday, October 28, 2005

Becoming An "Old Guy"

I’m now officially one of those “old guys”. When I used to run a lot of pickup basketball games in college at the Rec center, there were always a number of older guys who would play. Now in most cases they weren’t really old, they just were past college age (except for Mr. Henry, who plays softball on the same night I do but in a different league, he has to be at least 65, but he told me he still plays basketball in the rec 3 or 4 nights a week, I hope I’m like that when I get that old). Two things stood out about this group of guys; first, they were cool to play with. They didn’t call fouls every time someone blew on them, and real biggie here, they didn’t throw fits and hold up games for 10 minutes at a time because they felt someone made a bad call. Nothing ruins a pickup game faster than some idiot screaming at everyone on the court and refusing to give the ball to the other team over a dumb call. Second, all these guys wore either ankle or knees braces, or they had other body parts bandaged or wrapped. Consequence of getting old and staying active I figured, well…

One night this past week I played tennis, I looked like on of those old guys (and I’m only in my 20’s). On my left knee I had a brace for my knee that doesn’t want to act right. I had my right thigh wrapped due to a hamstring injury. And I had an elbow support on my left arm. And I actually needed them all. I guess I’m learning there is no shame in that, besides I’m thankful I can still be active and athletic.

Small stuff:

Good thing football teams don’t lose points for ugly uniforms, because if they did Virginia Tech couldn’t score enough to beat a pop-warner team of 10 year olds.
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On the Purple and Gold Confederate Flag issue from earlier (here), very good to hear some of the players speak out (here). Often times we stereotype college athletes as dumb jocks, but in most cases they are as intelligent and well-spoken as everyone else, basketball and football players included.

Now facebook has picture albums. They must be trying to get me fired, between emailing friends and facebook they will have to pay me overtime to get all my job stuff done.

Going to watch LSU and the Saints this weekend, LSU has an easy game, the Saints play the Miami Dolphins, St. Nick’s return to Tiger Stadium (article). Should be interesting to say the least.

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The Underdog said...

You're wearing all those braces because you don't know when to give your body a break. You're not staying athletic. You just go to the rec and tennis courts to stare at the women.

Side note: If you liked Va Tech's uglies, then you'll love Florida's. They broke out the alternate shoulder uni's too. And let me tell ya, HIDEOUS! They remind me of that fad that swept the nation when the girls wore the one-strap shirts, looking like Andre the Giant. I hated those and I hate the uni's. LSU might break those out against Bama.