Friday, October 14, 2005

Putting My Foot In My Mouth

I have a friend, Margaret, who I met at a music and arts festival in May at City Park in New Orleans (see here). She was in town for a dance performance, then she was going home to Kansas City. About a month or so later she emailed me, she was planning on moving to New Orleans in August/September. In July she emailed me the following:

....i'm so excited to
move to new orleans, lil nervous for the hot and humid
weather, and the hurricanes, but i'll deal.

A few days later I wrote back the following:

.....I'm happy for you, I could tell you really wanted to
move to New Orleans, its great you have an opportunity
to do it.  Don't worry about the heat or hurricanes,
the great food makes up for it.

Boy did I miss it big time. I did hear back from Margaret, she is doing well, was in Chicago at the moment and planning on moving to New Orleans in January. I do still believe in the future the awesome food (and people, music, culture, etc.) will make up for all Katrina has taken from us.

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