Monday, October 03, 2005

August Wilson

I direct this first statement to a dear friend of mine; see today is a Monday and I am capable of writing about things other than football. On Sunday August Wilson, arguably the greatest Black American playwright of the 21st century, passed away. Although I can’t claim to be much of a connoisseur of theatrical works I attended a number of performances during my college years and later, mainly to watch friends perform. I remember attending two of his plays performed by professional companies, “Fences”, and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. Both plays were amazing experiences, not just for the acting which was superb on its own, but mainly the quality of the plays. I also remember reading part of Fences in an African-American Literature Class (I also remember this really fine young woman who I would sit next to in class, we would talk sometimes after class but we never really did more than that, I think I was halfway dating someone else at the time, but man, if I would see her now I would ask her out in second, no doubt). Getting back on subject I just wanted to take a short moment out of a busy day to salute the great August Wilson, thank you for your work and your life which has inspired many including myself.

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