Friday, October 07, 2005

Motown Remixed

So I brought this new CD, Motown Remixed (you can listen to songs on the website). I heard about it listening to NPR driving to work one day this past week. I had not purchased a new CD in probably 2 years for myself. I used to be a self proclaimed hip-hop head, but since about 1998 my interest in the genre has steadily declined. I still consider myself part of the hip-hop generation, but to be honest I relate more to cats like EPMD than I do to Lil John. But my love of 60’s and 70’s R&B has never waned cold. Given a choice I would rather go see the Gap Band than I would any current R&B group. I know Gladys Knight and the Pips would sing and perform circles around Destiny’s Childrens. And I love the classics, especially the Motown songs. That being said I really like the Motown Remixed CD. A lot of the songs have a very jazzy and bluesy feeling. A few of the songs seem to lose too much of their original feeling in the remixes, but overall I enjoyed the project.

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