Friday, October 07, 2005

Falling Apart

Physically, this has been a rather painful past few months. I hurt me left knee again in June. In August I had a blister on my toe that caused my entire right foot it to swell about twice its normal size. My elbow has also been bothering me lately; I probably have a little “tennis elbow”, although I wouldn’t mind this as much if I could actually play tennis better than I do currently. And yesterday while attempting to play softball I pulled my hamstring. But I played the rest of the game and I made it to work today, on pure willpower and Advil. I feel like the habitually injured but always effectual Tennessee Titan’s OB Steve “Air” McNair. Of course when he goes to work hurt he makes six figures a week, needless to say I don't make that much. A few of my fellow Saints fans at work have made a few Donte Stallworth hamstring jokes, but I won’t go there because he has been playing well so far this season. Anyway it’s still good day, I just gotta make it to 5, then I’m going downtown to hear some good music, courtesy of the great New Orleans music man, Deacon John.

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