Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Crazy Football Fall Saturdays

Saturday was one of those crazy fall football days, woke up at 6:45, eating Krispy Kreme donuts and tailgating by 8:30, getting ready for a 2:30 game.
After tailgating all morning I was walking to the stadium with a friend, Mike. I acquired a student guest ticket, Mike’s ticket was in the North end zone, we figured we would probably meet up later, most likely in the student section, because generally the student section is more fun and has hot college chicks. Now I had 2 ziplock bags filled with, ummm, stuff, in the cargo pockets of my shorts. At the student gates there are normally a fleet of police officers searching mostly innocent students for intoxicating beverages. I walked by them with no hesitation, because they are looking for obviously drunk, polo-wearing, white frats boys and sorority girls with their pearls and Louis Vuitton purses to check for alcohol. Yes, I’ve found the one spot where a brother can get by without getting harassed by the police, walking into the student section in Tiger Stadium, ok moving on…..The Tiger Stadium student section for big games is a standing room only, packed, mass of loud, crazy, young folks. Right as I walk into the lower section I run into some old friends, Jen and Beth, like me old, graduated, but still fabulous. After a happy reunion we stood together in one of the aisles as the game begin. Well the Tigers start off great, early TD, the crowd is really in the game, and my ziplock bag starts to leak. Generally that means time to get a coke and get to mixing. So I come back with coke, and Jen reveals her hidden stash.

Despite the lubrication, I managed to pay attention to the game pretty well. With about 6 mins left in the 1st half, Jen and Beth went to get another coke and to the bathroom. Twenty-five mins later (its halftime now) still no Jen and Beth. So instead of going to look for them (the sober thing to do), I decide to go find my friend Ashley who was sitting in the next section over. I walk over to the section she is sitting in, still don’t see her, but I do run into Jeremy H. Talk to him for a bit, ask if he knows where Ashley is sitting, he says, “Fred, you don’t see that girl with the curly hair sitting over there, are you drunk.” Of course not, Jeremy, so I refocus and rebalance, spot Ashley, walk down the row, stumble over some random white folks, go talk to Ashley for a minute. I then see Jen and Beth in the aisle, apparently lost. So get up, stumble over the same random white folks again, go get them and find the 2 seats on the other aisle we were using for 4 people. Mix some more drinks, cheer, yell, scream, etc. Yep, good times all around, by midway thru the 4th quarter we emptied the flask, my ziplock bag, and mike’s ziplock bag. LSU did try to give the freakin game away, but the Tigers pull out the win at the end. Good game, waited about 15 minutes after the game, sang the alma mater, headed back to the tailgate spot.

Random Notes:
Mary Lou Retton was at the game, I don’t know why that was cool (probably because I was drunk) but she was still kinda cute, would be even cuter if she was taller than 3 ft 8 in.

Becky from Florida graced us with her presence, she was much hotter than Mary Lou Retton, (I bet she has never gotton that compliment before). Becky was a great sport before and after the game, if more gator fans (and LSU fans too) were like her the world would be a better place.

When I got back to the tailgate spot some had thrown the dominos all over the place. But that’s my bad, I shoulda packed them up before the game. Hopefully they found them all before leaving.

I think “Midnight Train To Georgia” is gonna become one of our official tailgating sing along songs. Jeremy, Cesar, and myself are gonna get it together and bring it even stronger next week.

The dart board is a great idea, however after “losing” the board late Friday night off Nicholson Rd, the stand needs a few physical repairs. Should be ready to go for Auburn.

Sunday night I watched a lot of the Southern – Jackson St. game replay. Southern won, 20-7, played a good game. However when SU and J-State get together everyone knows the big event is the battle of the bands between the Human Jukebox and the The Sonic Boom. I think the Jukebox got em’ this time, breaking out the “Tha Ratchet” and “marching like J-State” put them over the top.

About 10 am Sat, I’m throwing bones……for anyone with no clue what I just said we were playing the game called Dominos…….with Cesar and Joslyn, who is just learning how to play. At some point Joslyn asked if her “tile” was placed correctly. “TILE”, I’ve been playing dominos since I could walk and I have never, ever, heard anyone call a domino a “tile”. I could just imagine slapping down your bone and yelling out “tile, m…. f…..”, that just doesn’t work. It was her first time though, if we were playing with my uncles they would have probably made her leave the table. But you live and learn.

Overall it was good game, but can’t want till next Saturday, finally get a night game in Tiger Stadium, should be wilder.

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Joslyn said...

I was really excited to see that I made the blog when I saw my name...not so happy when I finished reading though. I'm going to keep referring to them as tiles just because you made fun of me. PS - I bought you a new tile set, so that I can kick your ass at tiles this weekend. BE AFRAID!