Thursday, October 13, 2005

Night Out On the Town

Last night I was planning on going out to meet a few people at this restaurant/bar in town, Champs, to get some food, maybe a beverage also. On the way there about 8:30 I called one of my friends who had planned on going, well it turned out she wasn’t really feeling like going out so she decided to stay at home. No biggie there, I definitely understood how she felt; in fact I wasn’t really excited about going myself. If I would have called her before leaving I probably would have decided to stay at home also. However I was already on the road (I had to stop back by the gym, forgot my pants in the locker room which had my pass-card to get around the building at work) and I was only 5 minutes from the place. I did know a number of people who would be there, most of them astoundingly cool including some fellow members of the best slow pitch softball team around, Second String. But I just didn’t feel like going to Champs last night. Maybe it was the fact of it being karaoke night, I didn’t really feel like hearing the croonings of the talented (like Ebony who totally blew the roof off the place last week with The Fugees version of “Killing Me Softly”), or in most cases the entertaining but untalented.

My decision, since I was already out, I was going to try and call up someone to go out and grab a bite to eat somewhere else in town. So I pulled out my cell phone with probably 200+ numbers in it, and pondered for a minute who I should call. And just to clarify it wasn’t a booty call type of night, I was just going to try and call someone to hang for an hour or so, grab some food and beverage. Back in undergrad, even for a few years later, this would have been no problem, I have a decently large friend set and in college people are always up, out, and looking for something to do. But now, it’s a lot harder, I go thru names in my phone and I see: friends who don’t go out past 7:30 on a weeknight, friends who live in other places now, friends who are married, friends who are not married but act like they are, somewhat undependable friends who would say they would meet me, then show up 2 hours later, and a few crazy chicks whose numbers I have but I would never call under any circumstances minus lack of sobriety. After making a few unsuccessful calls, I ended up going home, probably the best decision for that night. A few years back I would have probably despaired, but as I get older I realize its no big deal, can’t be out every night anyway. Besides I need to rest up for the weekend, starting Friday afternoon, it will be crazy, Live After Five, a friend’s going away dinner, very brief appearance at Natty Night, a planned 8 am (if not earlier) tailgating start, LSU-Florida at 2:30 in Tiger Stadium, then after party at the tailgating spot. Should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Ah, that happened to me quite a bit during my senior year. I couldn't imagine what it would be like now. I probably would get a few of "who is this?" these days.

theBoardroom said...